Partnership for the goals

Partnership for the goals

Renew the network of collaboration between countries around the world to achieve sustainable development

A sustainable development means growing in a way that respects the environment, is fair and dignified for all. 


Finance refers to the economic resources that a private person, a company or the state has and the set of decisions made to use this money. 

Richer countries must engage in supporting the growth of poorer ones. 

Developing countries, in order to be able to pay for the services they have to provide to their citizens, need money which they do not always have. 

It costs a lot of money to borrow, so these countries gradually build up a debt that they cannot repay. 

It is necessary to help the poorest countries to pay their debts without putting their citizens in difficulty. 


Technology is the set of techniques and inventions used to produce objects and improve human living conditions. In relation to the development of technology it is necessary to: 

  • Improve collaboration between the North and the South and between the countries of the South. 
  •  Encourage the discovery of environmentally friendly technologies and make these technologies known to all people, particularly in less developed countries
  •  Improve people’s ability to use technology, particularly for information and communication

Building skills and capacities

All countries, including developing countries, must be supported to acquire new skills and become capable of achieving all goals


Trade is the buying and selling of goods and services in exchange for money

It is important to facilitate trade in goods between countries in an open, non-discriminatory and fair way. 

In particular, we must work to enable less developed countries to increase the amount of products they sell to other countries. 

Trade rules must be clear and simple

Systemic issues

These are issues that affect the world system as a whole and all areas. 

It must be ensured that there is a stable economic situation in all countries, i.e. without any particular problems or major changes. 

Politicians in all countries must set themselves common goals and work in harmony with each other. 

However, the freedom of each country to decide what it wants to do to eradicate poverty and develop in a sustainable way must be respected

The exchange of knowledge, technology and money between countries must be improved in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development, particularly with regard to developing countries. 

We need to increase the quantity and quality of data collected so that they can be used by different countries to increase their capacities. But also to understand how far we have come in achieving the sustainable development goals.