Peace, justice and strong institutions

Peace, justice and strong institutions

Ensure that, in all countries of the world, people do not have to suffer the consequences of war. 

To build the conditions for lasting peace.

Reducing all forms of violence or exploitation, especially against children. 

Ensure that criminals have no money and cannot buy and sell weapons. 

Make criminals return things they have stolen

Ensure that no one can corrupt the people in power to gain advantage 

Make sure that people who have power or an important role do not take advantage of it. 

Make sure that governments work well and are accountable. 

Ensure that all governments are transparent and fair in their actions, i.e. that they communicate clearly what they do and treat their citizens with respect and justice. 

Ensure that important decisions are taken with the involvement of the people as much as possible. 

Involve developing countries more in decisions that affect the whole planet and all the people of the world. 

Ensure that all people, in all countries of the world, are recognised as citizens and have their rights respected. 

Ensure that all children who are born are registered, i.e. that there is a list. 

All people must be able to get information

In all countries, fundamental human rights and freedoms must be respected, regardless of the origin of the people, their religion, way of life, etc. 

All people must be respected and treated fairly. 

All countries must work together to reduce all forms of violence and fight crime and terrorism