Eliminate hunger and poverty in all forms.  

Ensure dignity and equality, i.e. respect all people and make no distinctions on the basis of race, religion, culture or gender.  

Do not exclude people. 

Create the conditions to help all people realise their full potential and live well and healthy lives.

No poverty

No Hunger

Good Health and Well-Being

Quality education

Gender Equality



People Quiz

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 Women can be drivers.

2 / 15

Women can be police officers, firemen or electricians.

3 / 15

A woman has a duty to stay at home with her parents.

4 / 15

Violence against women and girls must be prevented.

5 / 15

If a man wants to kiss a woman, she can always say no.

6 / 15

The man supports the family, the woman has to stay at home.

7 / 15

Women can also be politicians.

8 / 15

Women can vote in elections.

9 / 15

Men should be involved in child rearing

10 / 15

Single women should not have children or families of their own.

11 / 15

Only men have sex, women do not.

12 / 15

Only women are responsible for doing housework. Men do not cook.

13 / 15

Only men can be school principals.

14 / 15

Women and girls can be beaten if they deserve it.

15 / 15

Women and men have equal rights.

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Daily actions

1- No poverty
  • Buy fair trade products to support sustainable trade. In this type of trade, the producers of the raw materials are paid fairly for their work.
  • At birthday parties, give the opportunity to donate cash to a charity of your choice instead of a birthday gift.
  • Support a child remotely so they can have access to food, education, and medical care.
  • Keep your pantry tidy. Fill a box with food that can be stored (no fresh food) and donate it to a food bank.
  • Volunteer in homeless shelters. Your time can be more valuable than money.
  • If possible, give to every beggar you meet on the street. An apple, a bottle of water, a few coins, or even a smile can help.
3 – Good Health and Well-being
  • Not smoking.
  • Be more active. Stroll during your lunch break or cycle to work.
  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Learn about the causes and symptoms of heart disease and other noncommunicable diseases.
  • HIV / AIDS has not been defeated. Protect yourself. Get all medical checks.
  • Never stop learning. Engaging in work or in manual or cultural activities helps people stay active and not fall into depression. So, learn something new, read, follow the news, organize a manual activity, or share a hobby with a friend.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Find time for yourself and your friends.
5 – Gender Equality
  • Keep your rights in mind and fight to defend them.
  • Observe how the media (advertising, TV, social media, films, TV series, etc.) tell and represent women
  • Reflect on the harmful consequences of portraying women as inferior, less intelligent, and less capable than men
  • Gender equality starts at home.
  • Support and encourage the women you meet and/ or who are part of your family (friends, mom, sisters, companions, colleagues, etc.) to fulfill themselves and make choices to have a happy and fulfilling life
  • Find out if there are organizations or associations in your neighborhood or city that are involved in promoting gender equality. If they organize meetings on this topic try to participate; involve a few friends or friends.
2- No hunger
  • Donate non-perishable (not fresh) foods to charities.
  • Support food assistance programs. They provide 20 times more food than food banks.
  • Share the things you know about this topic. Discussing world hunger will encourage more people to take concrete action to defeat it.
  • Support local farmers by buying food at your neighborhood markets.
4 – Quality education
  • Make a commitment to finish the course you have started
  • Watch educational TV shows, thanks to which you can learn new things
  • Visit museums and exhibitions
  • If you can travel
  • Share your skills and the things you know how to do, with those who need them.

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No poverty


Good health and well-being

Quality Education

Gender Equality