Quality Education

Quality Education

Ensure quality education for all people. 

Provide opportunities for all to continue their education throughout their lives. 

Ensure that all girls and boys complete compulsory schooling

Ensure that all boys and girls receive the care they need to grow up healthy and have the opportunity to attend pre-school. 

Ensure that all women and men have the opportunity to study without having to pay a lot of money (including the opportunity to go to university). 

Increase the number of young people and adults with the knowledge and skills to help them find decent work with good conditions

Eliminate gender disparities in schooling and vocational training, including people with disabilities, indigenous peoples and vulnerable children

Ensure that all people can write, read and do arithmetic

Ensure that all students learn the knowledge to achieve: 

-sustainable development 

-human rights 

-gender equality 

culture of peace and non-violence 

-global citizenship 

-valuing cultural diversity 

Building and improving schools so that they are suitable for the needs of children, including those with disabilities. 

Make schools safe, non-violent and inclusive environments. 

Give money and scholarships to students in developing countries. Increase the number of qualified teachers who will go to teach in less developed countries.