Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable cities and communities

Make cities, neighbourhoods and all places where people live more inclusive, safer and more sustainable.  

Nations must ensure that everyone has a home to live in.

Even the poorest neighbourhoods must be good places to live, with the necessary services and good connections to the city centre. 

Houses must be safe and environmentally friendly, must not pollute the air and must produce less waste. 

We must ensure that everyone has access to safe and inclusive public green spaces, especially women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities. 

We need to help even the poorest countries to build eco-friendly buildings, using materials that are available there, and not outsourcing them because they cost more. 

The world’s cultural and natural heritage must be protected. 

Transport must be accessible to all and cheaper for all. Using public transport (trains, buses and trams) makes it possible to pollute less. Roads must also be safermeno. Anche le strade devono essere più sicure.   

Less and less people should die as a result of natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.). Governments must also use their laws to reduce the risks of natural disasters.