Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Countries must build constructions that improve people’s quality of life. These constructions are called infrastructures. 

Infrastructures are roads, railways, gardens, electricity, water, internet, telephone lines and so on. 

We need to create infrastructures where they are lacking and make those that already exist more reliable, resistant over time and sustainable for the environment. 

Technological inventions that can improve the quality of life, such as providing internet access for all, need to be brought to as many people as possible. 

It is important to grow industries, including in developing countries (the poorest countries), but in a sustainable and inclusive way. This means ensuring that job opportunities are also offered to disadvantaged people. Industries also need to make better use of resources, technology and respect the environment more.  Small companies must be helped to receive money from banks without having to pay too much interest, so that they can stay on the market.  

Scientific research must be increased in the industrial sector, i.e. studies to improve existing technologies and propose new ones.