Decent work and economic growth

Everyone has the right to have a job: to get what we require to live, to help build our society together with others, to express our individuality and skills to the full.  

Everyone also has to have a decent job, i.e. one that pays fairly, one that protects the health of workers, one that provides for rest, one that also allows people to learn new things. 

Women, young people, people with disabilities, migrants must have the opportunity to work, with a fair pay. Equal to all. 

Minors (children and young people under age) should no longer work, anywhere in the world. 

Forced labour, i.e. when people are forced to work in bad conditions (as in the case of slavery), must be eliminated.  

Reduce the amount of unemployed young people, who do not work and do not study.   

Promoting sustainable tourism, which creates jobs and promotes local culture and products 

Even in developing countries (the poorest ones) we need to guarantee more money so that we can give everyone a fair job. 

In order to improve conditions for workers and promote innovation, it is important to use technology to a greater extent, especially in areas where a lot of work is done, such as on an assembly line in factories.