Reduced inequalities

Reduced inequalities

The aim is to combat the differences between rich and poor countries, but also between people living in the same country, to ensure that there is real social, economic and political inclusion among all citizens.  

Disparities are not only about wealth or poverty but also about gender (male or female), skin colour, disability. 

All people in the world must have the same opportunities!  

We must help people in difficulty, even those who live in the poorest countries, to improve their situation and give everyone a decent life, with equal opportunities, regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, the amount of wealth they have or anything else.  

To do all this it is necessary to eliminate those laws that treat people unfairly, to promote new laws, which help to enforce the rights of all.  

It is necessary to change discriminatory behaviors and actions (all those behaviors and actions that make unfair differences between certain categories of people). Inclusive actions and behaviors need to be promoted. Politics must play its part in this change, together with companies, voluntary organizations and all citizens. 

We need to raise the pay of the poorest people. If everyone earns better, they live better.  

We must ensure that the poorest countries can also take part in economic decisions, together with the richest countries.  

UN countries must help people who move from one country to another, to prevent them from being put in danger.  Migrations must take place in a way that is more orderly, regular and safer.